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Our focus is reaching out to unbanked and providing financial services to all. Our responsibilities are not restricted merely to financial support but also to acquaint the clients to manage their financials by disseminating financial Literacy to them. Credorsave Loans believes in robust business, transparent policies expressed in our customer centric effort towards our clientele. Credorsave Loans aspires to create value and balanced growth for all its stakeholders while keeping clients at the centre. We offer easy, affordable and timely loans to individuals, companies and SME’s.

Our Products

What We Offer Our Clients

Student Loans

Students play a big role in driving the economy of the country and we cannot afford to deny them financial facilities as they are the ones that need it most.

Salary Advance

As part of our overall goal to provide finance solutions to all, Credorsave loans also offers salary advances to full-time employed individuals

Staff Loans

We work with organizations and companies to provide affordable salary advances and loans to the employees.

Agriculture Loans

At Credorsave Loans, we enhance the power and zeal that young people have for the agriculture industry.

Anakazi Corner

We empower women with the lowest interest rates on loans to ensure that their business expand and thrive by providing capital loans.

Individual Loans

We understand that we all face challenges that require instant cash to solve.

Our Benefits

Competitive Differentiation

At Credorsave Loans, we have your best interest at heart. We are the most flexible financial service provider as we do not have fixed interest rates.
We allow our clients to negotiate for rates that are favorable to both you and us. It’s always a win situation at Family Money Solution.

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