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Our focus is reaching out to unbanked and providing financial services to all. Our responsibilities are not restricted merely to financial support but also to acquaint the clients to manage their financials by disseminating financial Literacy to them. Credorsave Loans believes in robust business, transparent policies expressed in our customer centric effort towards our clientele. Credorsave Loans aspires to create value and balanced growth for all its stakeholders while keeping clients at the centre. We offer easy, affordable and timely loans to individuals, companies and SME’s.

Our Vision

Credorsave Loans has a social vision and client orientation that aims to provide financial services to all that unlock economic opportunities to transform quality of lives.

Our Mission

To be a self-sustainable financial institution which leverages on technology and networks to deliver lowest rates on all loans.

Our Aim

To improve access to finance for all.

Why Choose Us?

Features & Benefits of Getting a Loan From Us

  • Flexible Repayment Options
  • Repay through DIRECT DEBIT or Cash at one of our branches
  • Hassle-free loans – quick turnaround time
  • Speedy loan approval
  • Low-interest rates
  • Special Schemes for repeat customers

Company Ethos

Our Corporate Values

To our customers, we are committed to providing quality products and services that consistently represent an exceptional value and result in high customer satisfaction.
To the society, we are committed to improving the status of living for a large section of the population through our passion for financial inclusion.
To our investors, we are committed to creating value and consistently delivering outstanding financial returns.
Credorsave Loans works to understand our clients’ particular needs and how best we can serve them.
Most importantly, we are service-orientated and truly independent. Our clients are our number one priority.

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